4 cylinder exhaust

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norman simmons
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4 cylinder exhaust

Post by norman simmons »

I am looking for some stacks with little mufflers welded in the centers so I don't get a ticket , I thought about the headers with mufflers on the ends but I herd they break at the flanges and that's no good , any help would be great thanks .

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Re: 4 cylinder exhaust

Post by Thunder200 »

Innovative accessories build a nice set. They use a real thick flange and I haven't heard of one problem they've had. Just do a search of them on hear, plus im sure someone will post a pic of them before this post is over. Im sure they are what your looking for.

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Re: 4 cylinder exhaust

Post by scroggins44 »

I run a set of innovatives headers on my 200

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Re: 4 cylinder exhaust

Post by gyrocopter582 »

4 into 1 with a megaphone/muffler RULES.
Look at any aerobatic/competition aircraft.
Just saying... :dontknow:
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