lycoming 0320 oil press adjustment

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lycoming 0320 oil press adjustment

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so my boat when warn idles at around 25-30 psi and running gets to about 50psi. It seemed a little low to me. Just put one brand new jug on it. Is there any way to adjust this or is that about normal? I'm new to all this and it's my first boat any help would be greatly appreciated. :rebel: :rebel: :rebel:

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Re: lycoming 0320 oil press adjustment

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That's within Lycoming limits.

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Re: lycoming 0320 oil press adjustment

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The pressure is adjustable , depending on the type of oil pressure cap you have installed on your engine. If it does not have a adjusting nut on it oil pressure is adjusted by two methods. One is adding AN 960 washers behind the SPRING IN THE CAP not against the ball. Second method is to change the spring to give different tensions at given pressures. There are different wire diameter springs along with different lengths to provide a range of combinations to provide higher pressures at lower RPMs or vice versa.
If the cap has a adjustment screw tighten or loosten it accordingly. Also using different springs . The springs are colored white, yellow, gold , and no color.
Hope this helps
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