Adjustable Push Rods

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Adjustable Push Rods

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If anyone is looking for (or never heard of) adjustable push rods for aviation engines, you can get them (or any other push rods) from Smith Brothers out of Oregon.

I got a set for my Lycoming O-540 Straight Valve, Narrow deck. Smith Bro's P/N AR74B-NN. $25 each plus shipping,$325 shipped to Fla. for my 6 cylinder. For me, the money is well worth the savings in aggravation and matches my old school solid rocker brain! Adjust in one shot vs. multiple removals, measurements etc. These things save a lot of time on AV engine work!

Plus I can swap a failed cylinder in a night if needed without getting hung up on valve lash/pushrods. I keep a loaded spare cylinder in the truck with appropriate seals for that purpose, used it once.

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