gearbox and prop?

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Ask bob Hoover what he thinks (swamp jet) Might be okay or go to a longer hub (82 84) will have to see what the big ford is doing first!?
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sounds like its gonna be a strong engine !
and like basket said- we need some pics ! :)
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Ford power, I do not know what mods have been done to your motor. But I know that Priority 1 Is swinging an 82in 3B Sen superwide with ease with his 514 Ford. He has a 2.68:1 rotator on the boat now, but he did not have any trouble turning it with his 2.37:1 either. And I also agree with Dan, Bob Hoover will be able to help you out. He will get it right for you.

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Ford Power...There have been plenty of posts here already, so I won't muck it up anymore than I have to. The BBF is actually about my favorite engine HP-wise. People know me for building mainly big block Chevys but that's due to it being universally considered the HP king among most, and partly due to popularity of brand and aftermarket support. Don't get me wrong....If a big block chevy wore high heels, I'd take it to bed with me, but the BBF is a VERY strong engine with TONS of HP potential once you get rid of a few flaws (like most any other engine). The BBF is actually my favorite truck pull engine, and performs as well, but usually better than the BBC when modern thinking is applied. But Dave is right...The ARE pretty heavy...Generally in the 750# range in stock form. Jon Kaase is undoubtedly the man not only in BBFs but any other engine he sets his mind to. So if his knowledge is in your budget I couldn't possibly make a better recomendation either. But if so..Be sure to tell him all about airboat requirements, and he will most likely suggest quite a bit more displacement, especially since the weight won't go up much. Hell 650"s weighs the same as 460 and truuuust me take advantage of it. If yur carryin the weight, make the thrust....And BTW even at those inches...Use the 2.68 and prop it accordingly. JMO

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