And suddenly there was a knocking......

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Re: And suddenly there was a knocking......

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It is a givin, that if it dont sound right, somethings wrong,,,

You need to check it out while on land, maybe you wont hafta deal with it, when you're in the back of the swamp, or down river,,,

Is it Murphys Law that it will always happen when you are DOWN RIVER???

Sheet seems to happen when you are Down River,,,

My camp is Down River,,, lol ;-)

Slide safe my friends,,,

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Thats how I roll,,,

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Re: And suddenly there was a knocking......

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agree 100 percent. damn airboats :banghead:
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Re: And suddenly there was a knocking......


And take your time when building a boat or repairing one. Hurrying it or rigging it for the weekend just to make a trip can cause you and your friends you ride with headaches and ruin a trip for sure. To many times I end up working on boats when issues they knew about should have been taken care of in town. This doesnt even touch on the safety issues I have seen caused by the old "it will work for the weekend" attitude. Causes a lot of grief between me and the wife because I work a rotating shift and dont have every weekend off. When we are in the woods it's fun time not boat maintenance time... LOL

Probably preaching to the Choir I know.

P.S. This does not apply to my boat building buddy that I worked on his Fuel Injection last weekend! :D
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Re: And suddenly there was a knocking......

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Absolutely 100% little maintenance at home is worth millions in the woods

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