'73 Caddy 500 parts

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'73 Caddy 500 parts

Post by Wild Bill »

Not for a boat but need your advice. Going into a GMC motorhome, want to run regular gas.
1973 with soap bars and small chamber heads. Was planning to run original Pistons, good idea? Look great cyl to wall clearance looks fine, one hole had a broken ring but no scoring so must have happened shortly before pulling.

Oil pump original aluminum, slight scoring but looks pretty decent, just put a set of gears in?

Looking between MTS and Falcon on Ebay. Bearings, rings and gaskets I'll go for least expepensive for same name brands.

Cams shaft, did research and CL 1501, Elgin CL 1085pK
In/ex .525/533, 284/298, 218/228 @ .050 110 cl 63 degrees overlap
http://catalog.elginind.com/app/engine_ ... by+Part+No.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cadillac-368-42 ... 27e2c62eba

So close to mts

Their valves and springs?
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cadillac-472-50 ... 2c814530e2

Just wondering?

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Re: '73 Caddy 500 parts

Post by sidejobs »

Sounds good to me. This swap has been done many times. That's a good year piston/ head combo for your intended use. I perfer using mts for parts regardless of them possibly being a few bucks cheaper at falcon or eBay simply because the customer service with marty is second to NONE! And it's great to support a business that specializes. Also have you checked the gmc motor home forum ? Also cadillac power forum has a small motor home sub forum. Goodluck with everything.
Also ....not a fan personally of split lift and duration on the caddy. But lots of good info on that through the cadillac forum and you can always have Mts custom grind what you need.

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Re: '73 Caddy 500 parts


I run a set of Falcon H-Beam rods and the set was weight matched perfectly and are well made. No different than SCAT but the logo.

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