Caddy 500 parts question

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Caddy 500 parts question

Post by zrackers »

Has anyone here used the March 2150 pulley set on a caddy. It has a two grove water pump pulley. Not sure why. Also the diameter is different than stock and there is no associated timing indicator.

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Re: Caddy 500 parts question

Post by Deano »

Not specifically familiar with those, but in an OEM application a
second belt ran the power steering pump and/or AC compressor.

Some years additionally ran an air pump. Different years had different
pulley configurations, but as far as I know all ran more than just an alt belt.
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Re: Caddy 500 parts question

Post by happy harold »

I think cad pump pulleys are the same bolt pattern as ford. (if I remember right)

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Re: Caddy 500 parts question


Are you trying to go serpentine?

March makes a Caddy set up but it is a polished Billet and a small fortune!

The number given is one digit off from a cheap SBC March kit which wont work.

There is a guy on here from Texas think "welldriller" is handle and he has put together a Caddy kit.

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Re: Caddy 500 parts question

Post by One Eyed Gator »

Swamp He goes by bdriller. He did just put together a nice set-up.

T-rex has some nice Caddy parts in the classified for decent prices.

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Re: Caddy 500 parts question

Post by Bdriller »

pics are in post called caddy parts posted November 27

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