Engine results !! For my new build

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Engine results !! For my new build

Postby JAMES » Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:39 pm

As some of u guys no im building another carmotor boat i had the engne dynoed /dyno tuned with a quick fuel ss carb 750 dp it made impressive numbers for A 383 junk azz car engine !! 503 hp and right at 490 fpt @5600 rpms we pulled it down to 5300 rpms it made over 480 hp and around 480 foot pounds of torque I believe I can't remember offhand ill have to lok to verifie . Im running -4 cc forged piston I cut the compression back from 10.5-1 to lil less im not a fan of high comrsdion on this pump gas so im good how it is should make the freedom ride !! The motor is all forged with alum heads .
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