Gearbox failure.

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Slidin Gator
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Re: Gearbox failure.

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X2 on that! :blackeye:

I used to make my own beer, but my wife kept drinking it all. I tried to make it stronger so she wouldn't like it, brewed up and bottled my best yet and went off for work for 2 months. When I got home, my best yet was all gone! She claimed that the AC broke and once it got fixed she and the AC repairman drank them all.

I'm no dumby, so I showed her. I quit making beer, she can buy her own damn beer.

How this relates to a gear box failure I don't know, but there you go.
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John Fenner
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Re: Gearbox failure.

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Great word of mouth post right here, people who know their business, stay in business, good catch!!
I never finish anyth,,,.

Mossy Cypress
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Re: Gearbox failure.

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Yep, these are definitely the companies that I gravitate to and have no problem spending my hard earned money with them. I am a loyal lifetime customer as long as they back their products and treat me right. Great to hear of great customer service and business practices.

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Re: Gearbox failure.

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Very nice post!
Very few value an hour meter or can relate to one in airboat usage.
My last ford had 2000 hours and was ready to clock the odometer at 97K rarely seeing over 3k rpm.
I still run a 50 hour full service on everything because I count on it.
Can't really say it's nice to pull people out because they don't, but it is nice to never have to be pulled because of lack of maintenance or awareness.
You got your monies worth at 1900 hours on a gearbox!

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Re: Gearbox failure.


How a vendor responds when there is a problem speaks volumes.

In this case Jason you got your money out of it, that drive at 1900 hours mated to a MAS big block and 4 blades served a full life expectancy.
There is 2000 running hours and 2000 hours of big power. Glad to hear you got good service from Stinger.

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Re: Gearbox failure.

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Sharon and Steffen are awesome. Great service and jump through hoops to make sure their customers are happy.
Awesome people to deal with.

502 BBC on a 18' Alumitech 2.68 Stinger box, w/84" 4 blade Whisper Tip Whirlwind blades.

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Re: Gearbox failure.

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SWAMPHUNTER45 wrote: How a vendor responds when there is a problem speaks volumes
x 2

Jason did the gearbox plug come with a magnet, or did you fab one up?
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Capt steve
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Re: Gearbox failure.

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LBW that is a great story. Glad you caught it early and kudos to the manufacturer for their outstanding costumer service!!
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