Excess funding from Raffle proceeds?

Make plans here.

What to do with excess funds from O.A. II ?

Poll ended at Sat Dec 16, 2006 6:12 am

Create a "trust" fund/account for next years run
Excess funding to go to S.A. "Site Support' (without S.A. we would not be here anyway)!
Excess funding should go to airboating's Bonnie Basham(our attorney fighting for us in Tallahassee)
Total votes: 26

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Post by Whitebear »

I'm sure ya'll probably know this, but all calling cards are not created equal. Be sure to get the ones that can be used FROM overseas to call the U.S..

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Good point Scotty..... :oops:

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excess funds from raffle

Post by basketcase0302 »

Hey ya'll,

One more day before the timer runs out on this poll....

Thanks for everyopne's input and I think it's safe to say that the troops will get overseas calling cards with any excess funding from this raffle.

I'm glad to see the poll also showing that some of us do feel strongly about our lobbyist and also about Southern Airboat Site Support.


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