3a racing july 6th

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Re: 3a racing july 6th

Post by BlowInIt »

Idk why you wouldn't just order one of them new 14' steps for half the price. Your fixn to spend ten k for what a boat length in four hundred? Damn :lol:

Helms come follow me south river to the back side of spade on through the prerie. That boat won't ever be the same, may as well have a step. :scratch:

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Re: 3a racing july 6th

Post by snapbean »

Quick question (did any buddy see that don Davis hop going down the track) just asking :dontknow:

todd glover
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Re: 3a racing july 6th

Post by todd glover »

I couldn't tell that boat is so fast all I saw was prop wash and the guy you whooped good job I ride with don all the time and never see his boats hop

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Re: 3a racing july 6th

Post by contagious »

Anyone know the guy that was in the silver al david boat at the races?

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Re: 3a racing july 6th

Post by KR23 »

^^^^Thats me
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