Championship date set!!!

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Re: Championship date set!!!

Postby » Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:43 pm

That is why you plan a year ahead. A bigger purse solves the distance issues. When we raced in Okee, it was a long way for the racers up North.

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Re: Championship date set!!!

Postby Waterthunder » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:06 am

I have finally realized in airboat racing there is always an excuse. For a while it's been the races were to far south and to far away. These were more in the middle of the state and very few showed up. I have heard it's to hot well the weather was beautiful all day. I have also heard it's hunting season well I promise you I'm as passionate about my 14u travel ball team as anybody is about hunting.

The truth of the matter is people are not interested enough to drive 2 an half hours, they are more interested in college football or they are more interested in hunting. Nothing wrong with that people do what they prefer to do thats everyone's right. I chose to not enter a major softball tournament because I wanted to support a customer that I knew won the 2014 points championship.

As for pay out thats an excuse I know of some unlimited boats that run 30k or 40k motors and maybe even more so a $100 to $1000 payout is not even a concern. If your racing for a payout you are stuck back in time.

I believe the sanctioning body and racers MUST agree on dates and races or neither will be able to race. I feel bad for Brad he has put on the best races at the best facilities there have ever been and the turn outs are less than when they had them in the marsh with boats that couldn't even break 70MPH! We all better get on the same page and work together or the sport will go into another 8 year hibernation.

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Re: Championship date set!!!

Postby PAINKILLER » Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:02 pm

If I had a boat to race and I dont its 4hrs for me two hrs for me is Okeechobee
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