Unlimited Class

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Unlimited Class

Postby THHILL1 » Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:41 am

Congrats to Brad Hendry for 1st place in Unlimited on Saurday! He pulled off a reaction time of 0.000 against Pete for the win!
A huge congrats to the Hawkzilla Team for taking 1st place over all in the Unlimited Class. These 2 boats have been neck and neck all year! Also, Stepp N Up had a great day racing taking 2nd place on Saturday!

Thanks again to everyone who came out and showed support to the NAADR and Hog Waller Mud Bog.


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Re: Unlimited Class

Postby Waterthunder » Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:48 am

It was great to see Stepping Up in the finals I would have preferred an all Waterthunder Final but Pete earned his spot. HawkZilla put down one hell of a fast pass, I believe it was a 4.10 but hey Pete treed us big time so he earned it. His boat is running stronger than ever. Whats awesome is there are 5 unlimited boats who run 4.20's so with a good light any one of the 5 boats can knock any of the others off. Having so many races are making everyone faster and the competition better it's great for the sport.

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