Magazines for Our Troops and Soldiers???

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Magazines for Our Troops and Soldiers???

Postby Dave1 » Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:51 am


I have a stack of deer hunting and misc other hunting magazines here at home and would be glad to give these to anyone that is assembling stuff to send to our troops and soldiers. If these can be used and sent, let me know.

Thanks, Dave

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Postby SwampMatt » Thu Feb 28, 2008 12:14 pm

They like that stuff Dave. If you or anyone wants to send a troop a package - it's real easy.

Just go to and click on "Where To Send" in the link bar.
A list on the left opens up and it's a bunch of names you can browse.

Here is the cool part - you can sort the list in different ways.
I like to sort the list by STATE, and choose to look at troops from Florida/Georgia.
You can sort by who has had the least requests for their address, or for people who represent the largest (or fewest) number of people. Usually the Chaplains and morale officers represent the most soldiers.
You can sort the list in many different ways - have fun! :)
When you click a name, you can see a note (photos on many of them) from the soldier(s) and what they need most.

Then you can click the GET ADDRESS link right under the name and they will email you the address.
Understand that you need to fill a little info about yourself to keep folks from spamming these guys (& gals)


Thanks for thinking of the troops! They like that kind of stuff. You can send it now, or stockpile it till the next troop care package drive.... Operation Airboat IV is rumored to being planned for POSSIBLY in the fall of this year.

Don't be intimidated by the postoffice customs form you'll need to fill out. But be ready to fill out a detailed form when you send the package.

I hope this info helps.


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