Bow steering and Throttle

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Bow steering and Throttle

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Looking into setting my boat up with front (bow) steering/throttle for bow fishing etc.... Could some of you who have this on there boat post some pics on how the linkage is hooked up. I would say you use quick disconnects and hook them up (bow mounted throttle and steering stick) to the drivers seat controls (foot petal -throttle, rudder stick-steering). Am i on the rright track or do you have to route the bow linkage all the way back to the carb and rudders?

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Re: Bow steering and Throttle

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You can hook to your steering in front or a new cable back to your rudders. I would hook your throttle to your foot pedal. If you look in classified under I have my boat for sale it has front steering on both sides in front and throttles on both sides. It is 14/7'6" maroon color night hawk hull.

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