Stringers and Poly

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Stringers and Poly

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I am redoing my boat and was wondering if I should put more stringers in the hull. Its a 12' aluminum hull it has 5 in it already but in between the bottom aluminum is like bulging up. The boat didnt have jacks in it when i got it but I put 3 in. Should I just beat the middle back flat and put poly back on or should I go ahead and put a few moe stringers in?

And the poly part whats peoples opinion on this new blue poly. Ive heard its really slick but it wears kinda fast.
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Re: Stringers and Poly


i have the new superslide on my boat. it is the best poly in my opion. i have owned all different types of poly and this blue is the best yet.i don't know who told you that it wears all will wear faster on different running surfaces.but for where you run i don't think you will have any problems. the black and gray will grow and bubble inbetween the ancors if not heated up and let strech before you apply it. the blue doesn't grow due to heat. the poly is as flat now as the day i put it on.i had a sheet sitting on a buddys hull in the sun and it looked the same 2 week later as the day we put set it on the hull. if you put a sheet of black poly on the hull in themorning by mid afternoon it will be 1" to 2" bigger all the way around.if you do the same with the black it doesn't grow any. so that means when running dry the poly will not heat up and grow and creat drag.the black and gray is recycled poly and the blue is virgan it has 2% silcone add to the is way harder and very slick.if you want to come and run my boat give me a pm and we can set up a time for you to see how slick this stuff realy is.for the little bit of extra money it is worth it.i think they sell the black and grey poly for 250 for a 5x10 sheet and the blue id 300 for the same size sheet.and you can get it localy from Airboats Inc. as for the stringers if you have 5 stringer in it now their might end up with not enough space inbetween the stringer if you add more between the ones that are already their.the only proble with knocking the humps flat between the stringers,is that the memory is already in the alum. and once you hit something they are going to come back.but by al means try to get it as flat before you install they poly.the flatter the bottom before you start the flatter your poly job will be.

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