Trailer Safety Reminder

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Big Casino
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Trailer Safety Reminder

Post by Big Casino »

Just a quick trailer safety reminder for all of us, be you a newbie or an ol' timer ....

Make CERTAIN that you both have and USE your safety chain on the nose of your boat. Also make sure your that your rear tie downs are adequate for your boat and are well secured before travel.

You'll be sure glad that you did, other wise your great day on the water could have become your nightmare on the way home.

I had a great day on the water this past Saturday down in Tampa. Got go pull old crab traps out of the Alafia River with the best wingman any airboater could ask for, Sir Olf Art!!!! and a bunch of other great folks from the FAA and Tampa Bay Watch. I was a few mile from the house after a nearly 400 mile round trip and i felt the jolt when the strap popped on a bad stretch of road here by the house. Damage to my gelcoat was minor, but its nothing like i could have been if i had spit the boat off!!!!

Check your rigging boys, then go back and check it AGAIN ... Happy Trails!!!
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Duane Scarborough
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Re: Trailer Safety Reminder

Post by Duane Scarborough »


That's a good reminder, for sure.

Do you have any ideas about what caused the strap to break?

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Re: Trailer Safety Reminder

Post by nomad41 »

Yep and here is what happened to me on the way to the crab trap cleanup. I was going north on 41 about 1/4 mile north of the lite at Apollo Beach. Running in left lane passing a car.Going about 70. When the left tire and wheel left the trailer. When it fell down and pulled me toward the left side of the rode. Boat and trailer almost flipped. When it came back down the right tire and wheel went sailing off into the wild blue yonder. I headed toward the right side of the road dragging boat and trailer. Left rode probably doing about 50. But with no wheels and now the axle half tore off under it. It dug in and came to a quick stop.
After getting stopped I called and informed them I wouldn't be there to help. I was informed hang on the gangs on their way. Harry showed up with help and and empty trailer. We dragged the boat off onto the ground loaded it up on trailer with wheels and dropped broke trailer. We then went to crab cleanup.
After it was done. A bunch went back and we loaded broke trailer onto harries trailer and took it to Mahoneys in Tampa. Big Daddy headed home and dropped his boat and trailer. Then drove to Brooksville and picked up his spare trailer and brought it back to me at the boat ramp.
I can't say enough thanks you's for everybody who jumped right in and helped asking nothing in return. Here is a picture of the trailer recovery, go here to see the rest. ... 975382415/
Oh there are also pictures posted of the crab trab clean up that Tampa Bay Watch and the FAA together helped clean up Alfia River of derlict traps. ... 975604839/

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Re: Trailer Safety Reminder

Post by aherr520 »

bad luck for you two guys for sure,I need to put a safety chain on mine, I just put new tires on and checked bearings
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Olf Art
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Re: Trailer Safety Reminder

Post by Olf Art »

Nomad, they have wheels. Wheels have bearings. Bearings require grease! :)

Seriously, I'm very glad you were able to get stopped without damage to your boat ..... I was standing there when you were talkin' to Big Daddy Markett on the phone after it happened, and I talked to Harry after we all got back in. He was headed out to retrieve your trailer.

Folks, this is what airboaters do. This is an amazing family for sure.
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Re: Trailer Safety Reminder

Post by bowhunterfl »

I guess its my ocd from haven trailers come off and haven stuff come off trailers I double check mine and my Buddys trailer when we stop for fuel or drinks. But yet I still forget to keep it all on or to put it on as I put the boat in of take it out of the water I have put both my boats on the boat ramp. But it is diff a good idea to check you straps and safty chains.
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Daddy Dave
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Re: Trailer Safety Reminder

Post by Daddy Dave »

All is well that ends well, Nomad. Glad both trailer mishaps did not destroy boats or break any skin. You folks really step up to make Tampa Bay a better body of water. BigCasino drove hundreds of miles to help.

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Re: Trailer Safety Reminder

Post by HuntingBigun »

Hats off to the A team for big help on Nomad and glad all good, lets see if Gobbler will post his little trailer deal on the way to show at Ft Meyers 8) 8) 8)

I unload a 20 center console about 20 feet from the water at Yankeetown few years ago over them straps, always have chain back up after that. :D

Click for pics =

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Southern Style
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Re: Trailer Safety Reminder

Post by Southern Style »

I am as paranoid as it gets when towing !!!!!!!!!! I have the crank strap, a thick safety chain AND a cable with a master lock.,.... A triple safety !!!! I watch the ass of my trailer more than I watch froward when towing... Glad all is safe with your ride..
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