will this engine type work with ?

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will this engine type work with ?


Will this engine type work with this hull shape and dimensions ?

ENGINE = unmounted from that type of car !!! - there are plenty of them where i live ;) > 1000 $ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen ... .931992.29 - 100 HP aprox !!!

Hull = http://www.glen-l.com/designs/special/airboat.html

Ordered plans and templates, from website, that's for the beginning... first airboat built; that go on with something bigger if all's ok .

Regarding the reduction and propeller that i'll have 2 fit for it , i hope to travel next year in Miami on holiday, and get appropriate advice and expertise from local store and manufacturer.

Tks in advance.

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Re: will this engine type work with ?

Post by Alpal »

Hi Portabelo In my opinion those VW Golf engines are water cooled (so you would need a radiator full of coolant which is heavy) and they probably rev at 4000 to 5000 revs (far too fast for a prop to spin so you would need a reduction box) more weight and cost. I run a Subaru engine with Gearbox and Radiator so I know. I often see on ultra light aircraft sites old trikes and other flying stuff going cheap. If you bought an old Trike for instance, you may get your engine, engine mount, gear box, prop, small radiator, fuel tank, rev counter, cables, seat, ect ect. Be interesting to follow your Glen plywood build.
Aussie Allan.

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Re: will this engine type work with ?

Post by papajack »

Hey PORTOBELO! Couple of suggestions...
1) post your location in you profile. You might find folks close by that can help with your project.
2) take the time to read the mini airboat forum threads from oldest to newest. You will save yourself many headaches and much $$$ as others have traveled the engine choice you are considering.

Alpal, good to see you posting, hope Kate is better!

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