Material for 4 cyl motor stand

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Material for 4 cyl motor stand

Post by Floridahunter89 »

I'm looking into building a motor stand for my 4 cyl
Wondering what is some of the best type of materials to use I would like to use tubing for it
Opinions please

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Re: Material for 4 cyl motor stand

Post by Birddog247 »

Chrome moly steel or possibly stainless steel would be among the best in my opinion.

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Re: Material for 4 cyl motor stand

Post by skinny99 »

Who's gonna weld it? What process will be used?

I would recommend DOM tubing as your first choice and conduit as a second. Both are easy to work with (cut/bend) and much easier to weld. Stainless is a great material but is harder to cut,work and drill. Also takes much more skill and more specific welding supplies to end up with a quality finished product.

Chromoly is a poor choice unless you are experienced working with it.

1"x.083 Dom tubing for the main legs and .750x.065 for the supports would be solid yet light.
Likewise 3/4" conduit for main legs and 1/2" would be fine to.

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Re: Material for 4 cyl motor stand

Post by Bruce »

Square tube .16 gauge 3/4 and 1/2 would be very stout and light i never suggest conduit(emt) dom is good stuff too
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Re: Material for 4 cyl motor stand

Post by airboat233 »

Hello, I know this post is a few weeks old but I would like give my 2 cents worth. As far as the material goes all of the above are ok, (I prefer EMT conduit) but there are other factors to consider that are more important than just the material. First being the design of the stand. Make sure you put some time and thought in this. I have build engine stands out of 1/2 emt for 0540's and never have a problem(race boats). I use 3/4 in for ride boats. Just be sure and spend some time with your plan. Second is something most folks dont consider at all and that is the "height". The stand does not need to be high just because the rest of the metal work is, as in a hunt boat. The lower your engine is to the bottom of the boat,, the "better" your boat will run. If you stand behind your boat and the crankshaft is higher than your belt,, then you start hurting the performance of the boat. The length of a prop does hurt if to long, the prop could be shorter with more pitch. Take a wood stick prop 68/70 in long. The ends of all props flatten out and do not provide any push. It's from the hub out where all the pitch is that provides all the push. So the prop can run down into the hull to just miss the stringers if need be, allowing the stand to be lower. Take a empty soda can (or beer) and place it on a flat surface and push it forward with your finger say 1 in from the top. Now do the same thing with your finger 1 in from the bottom. Any where from center up is bad, from center down is good. Sorry for such a lengthy O. Always keep in mind when building a boat, Help it help you. Whatever can be done to help your engine will make it a "better" boat. j renney (ps always be safe). Oh yea I wanted to mention that an aircraft engine does not even need support at the nose (PROP END). If all four mounting holes are used. An engine mounted to an airplane is just bolted to the firewall. the engine is just hanging out there and they dont fall off.
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