3"x3" Cage Wire

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3"x3" Cage Wire

Post by flydock »

I'm looking for about 18'-20' 3"x3" cage wire for a new cage I'm building. I saw a forum topic reply by chickenrig that he had some as of last month that was available. I've sent him a private message, but if anyone knows how to reach him please ask him to contact me thru the SA airboat tech forum. Thanks.

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Re: 3"x3" Cage Wire

Post by Deano »

If you come up empty and have the means to do it yourself, you wouldn't be the first one to go to Home Depot and buy a couple rolls to do it however you want it. They had/have 100' rolls of galv. 12 gauge dry wall hanger wire. If I remember correctly it was about six bucks per. If you do that, a herd of pigmy zip ties can aid the effort.
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Re: 3"x3" Cage Wire

Post by helicsher »

Hell with the 3×3 if your going to home Depot get the real chicken wire
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