Prop thoughts

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Prop thoughts

Postby fletchster76 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:15 pm

I went and did it. Had my 520 conv on a light 12' hull will Quickslick that would go anywhere. Wanted a family ride boat so changed it over to a 14.5' Viking with rodboxes and poly (heavy!!!). Got stuck a couple times on maiden trip (did have 950# of people and cooler in it). Still ran the hill but had to stay in it hard. I'm swinging a 3 blade 72" NGH set at 1.75. For anyone that has experience with both props would it be worth me going to a 2 blade 72 or 74 NGQ? Asking because I'd heard a 3rd blade adds drag and I've heard the NGQ pushes a tad better than NGH. Not sure if swinging 2 wider blades with more pitch would make a noticeable difference. Thanks in advance.
14’ Viking, 520 conversion, 72" 3 blade ngh

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