Gar fish grits and guava

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Gar fish grits and guava

Postby newoldglory » Fri Dec 05, 2014 9:05 pm

Only a southerner would know this phrase. It's a southern tradition that was the fare of the day. Any northerner (that knew what grits are) would put sugar and milk on it and THAT became known as Georgia Ice Cream. :roll: Well, Guava trees have been eradicated in Florida because they are invasive (brought here by man) and can grow so thick that they kill every thing in it's path. :violent1: Recently, the eradicators came through and missed this ONE tree. :cheers: I was able to get the last fruit on the tree for this season. 8) It's beautifull and in perfect condition and I intend to savor it to the last tiny fragment. :toothy7: (and I have the seeds) The eradicators will not be back for 3 years so I have time on my side for 2+ years. :cheers: As I grew up, my friends and I would pick guavas and sell them to jelly makers to make money for gas. :idea: They were good for money and food. :wink: The elders said that it would stop up the blow hole but as kids, we did not have that problem much less care. :slap: All we cared about was getting the truck to the next girl friends house. :stirpot: By now, you guessed that a Guava is perhaps more important to me than my next girlfriend. :D

The Guave is going to be perfect but I can't know about the girl friend. :scratch:

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Re: Gar fish grits and guava

Postby Scarecrow » Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:50 am

Gerald, that sure brings back memories, my uncle Frank Johns used to give me 50 cents for a big paper sack full and then give me back some jelly. :thumbleft: :rebel:

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