armored catfish for supper

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Re: armored catfish for supper

Post by Whitebear »

Much better now Deano ! Thanks man. Its been a painful uphill battle with all the shrapnel they bent into my belly to keep me to gather. I learned to hate my sofa recliner though. Loving sleeping in my bed the last two nights. Still five more months of healing ahead but it seems to be happening just like the Doc said it would. Wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
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Re: armored catfish for supper

Post by Deano »

Glad to hear you're progressing as was predicted. We'll keep your recovery in our prayers.
Hopefully, such an effort will turn his five month prediction into four. I generally don't sign up for Doc's timetable and that usually pans out as having been a fair expectation. Keep the faith, brother. :thumbleft:
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