Keep er under control here!

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Keep er under control here!

Post by rost495 »

I'll be out a bit, off for vacation for a bit, in case anyone needs to get hold of TAA chase down Lee/Tom in the meantime.

I've had it with the heat... time to head north a ways and cool off. Well it doesn't take much of an excuse for me to pack bags and head to Alaska in the fall if I can manage it. Been known to miss opener of duck and or deer down here to go up there at times...that says a bit too.

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Re: Keep er under control here!

Post by cummins diesel power »

enjoy your stay up yonder, and have a safe trip :thumbleft:
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Re: Keep er under control here!

Post by rbjscott »

Post pictures, have fun!!
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Re: Keep er under control here!

Post by KC5AKB »

STAY COOL and good to see you
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