Airboat HB 733 needs some help.............

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Airboat HB 733 needs some help.............

Post by Guest » Mon Mar 06, 2006 10:15 pm

We hit a bump on our HB 733, the Airboat non discrimination Bill. Please feel free to politely contact the members of the House Natural Resource Committee & ask them to support our family values outdoor recreational opportunity called airboating.
You might use capt Bruce's letter as a guide.

Subject HB 733 Airboat non discrimination bill

Dear Representatives:

My name is Capt. Bruce Castle and I operate the company incorporated in Florida, Airboat and Gator Charters. I am writing to ask for your support on HB 733 to be heard in Water and Natural Resources Committee in the upcoming weeks. I operate an airboat all over the state of Florida during the Alligator public waters hunt and in Seminole, Volusia, and Orange counties during the months of April through August. I guide visitors from all over the world on airboat charters and hunting charters from an airboat that is operated in a safe and courteous manner. Visitors to this state feel that airboats are a large part of Florida, just as the alligators and wildlife they anticipate seeing on their trips here.
There is a small minority of airboaters who do not care for following rules, obeying laws or equipping their airboats to make the lives of residents along Florida's waterways a little more peaceful, but that should not effect the lifestyles and incomes of airboaters that absolutely do everything that technology allows to keep their airboats as quiet as possible.

I am asking for your support on this HB 733 because I feel the need for the protection of airboaters who conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner. I would like this bill to be passed so that the guidelines for law enforcement officials will be defined and they will have the tools necessary to keep airboating safe and sound levels to an acceptable level.
The Florida Airboat Association, and Airboat clubs around Florida have agreed to accept an Airboaters Code of Ethics, and have done so to preserve the family tradition of airboating for the future. This is a self governing agreement that will be followed by individual and groups of airboaters who realize that airboats used in an unruly and reckless manner will not be tolerated, and offenders will be subject to the laws subscribed to in this bill.

I, as an individual, feel that this bill is necessary to keep airboats on the same playing field as any other vessel operating on the waterways of Florida. Just as in automobiles, we cannot close the roads because a few individuals refuse to obey the laws, we need to punish the people who break the laws, and allow law abiding citizens to carry on in their daily lives.

I would also like to add that most airboaters do many charity and clean up events along Florida waterways at their own expense and through private fundraiser activities. Airboaters absolutely care about the environment in which we operate our vessels, and I personally have never met a group of people so caring and available to offer their boats, time and money to any project that may call for an airboat. Airboaters keep their vessels, in most part, for recreation or business, but if their use becomes restricted for those purposes, they will not be available for other uses such as rescue, clean ups, or any other charity type effort.

We live in a world of compromise, and airboaters are attempting to reach out to lawmakers in an effort to compromise with waterfront residents who want airboaters to disappear. The airboaters have sat back and watched as houses have been erected along the waterways at a staggering rate. We as airboaters are residents also, and everyone has the right to enjoy the waterways, this bill provides for a real compromise, and I hope you will support it.

I have tried to contact some of you by telephone, and was informed the best way to contact you was via E Mail. I am available for any of you who would like to contact me.

Thank you for your time,

Capt. Bruce Castle
Airboat and Gator Charters, Inc.
807 Mockingbird Drive
Port Orange, Fl 32127
386-212-2495 cell



These legislators ARE ALL ADDRESSED
"REPRESENTATIVE" House Natural Resource Committee

Altman Thad (R)
7025 N. Wickham Road, Suite 108
(850) 488-9720

Cannon Dean (R )
1035 South Semoran Boulevard
Winter Park
(850) 488-2742

Clarke Donna (R )
1660 Ringling Blvd
(850) 488-7754

Dean Charles S.( R
101 Zephyr Street
(850) 488-0805

Greenstein Ronald L. `Ron` ( D )
4800 West Copans Road
Coconut Creek
(850) 488-3164

Justice Charlie ( R )
5769 38th Avenue North
St. Petersburg
(850) 488-9337

Littlefield Ken
38440 5th Avenue
(850) 488-5744

Machek Richard ( D )
5341 West Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach
(850) 488-5588

Patterson Pat (R )
230 North Woodland Boulevard
(850) 488-9873

Seiler John P. ( D )
100 West Atlantic Boulevard
Pompano Beach
(850) 488-0880

Williams Trudi ( R )
5621 Banner Drive
Ft. Myers
(850) 488-2047


My name is : ___________________________(your name)

I am an airboater

My family airboats on the ____________________waterway(s){identify the places you airboat}

++I SUPPORT HB 733 by Rep. Dean which will regulate airboating,

to help us preserve a family tradition.

++ I SUPPORT HB 733 by Rep. Dean which will require automotive

type mufflers on all airboats and help us preserve this family tradition

++ I SUPPORT HB 733 by Rep. Dean which will require safety

flags on all airboats and help us preserve this family tradition

++I SUPPORT HB 733 by Rep. Dean which because it gives law enforcement

the tools necessary to make sure airboats reduce their sound and help us preserve this family tradition

++ I SUPPORT HB 733 by Rep. Dean which comes after two years of FWC study

of airboats and the ways to make them quieter.

++ I SUPPORT HB 733 by Rep. Dean. I subscribe to the Airboater's Code of Ethics

and feel HB 733 will help us preserve this unique family tradition.

PLEASE SUPPORT HB 733 when it is heard in Water and Natural Resources Committee.

Thank you


If any of these legislators come from your area, let them know you are a constituent

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Post by SwampMatt » Wed Mar 08, 2006 7:34 pm

Just bumping this one back to the top. This is important!

I've written my letters. Short & sweet.

It's easy - just click the addresses above and ASK them to support HB733

The house is in session.... does anyone know the date of the vote on this bill?



Post by Guest » Thu Mar 09, 2006 2:21 am


Thanks! The letters & calls make a huge differance!

The anti's (all three of them) are making a huge rucus in Tallahassee. We can't allow THREE idiots to control the preceding that affects THOUSANDS of sportsmen & their families, unless of course they (the idiots) are more determined than we are.
Let me add, in politics, three idiots can wreck our train if we just sit back & do NOTHING!

Hope EVERYONE who sees this writes or calls.

Happy anti hunting........


"When good men sit idle, evil is allowed to happen."

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Post by UncleBubba » Thu Mar 09, 2006 8:00 pm

i copied this page the other night and took it to the airboat meeting. some folks look to get the addersses. trin to my part to help.


Post by Guest » Thu Mar 09, 2006 11:11 pm


Great idea! Please copy & pass at meetings, parties, the hill & landings and ask folks to call NOW! We need input before Wednesday.

If more made the effort like you we won't have half the problems we have. If we don't act, the three anti's win ...........

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Post by cntry141iq » Fri Mar 10, 2006 10:06 am

I responded to each individual with a seperate email. I kept it real short and very polite. I offered personal rides or any amount of detailed information they wanted if they would contact me. I have heard back from the majority by email and not the automated ones but personal replies from real people. Now I don't kid myself into thinking all of them are from the representatives themselves, simply that a real person was responding. However several were from the representatives themselves which is a promising thought although a fleeting one.

Sorry no jokes at the end this time.
Don't waste your time ... it is the only thing you can't get more of
.. if it accidentally looks like I gave advice please ignore it .. and notify me immediately


Post by Guest » Sun Mar 12, 2006 11:57 pm

Need to stay on this till 3-16-06.

Thanks to all for letters & calls. It does make a difference. They need to hear & know that we are part of the silent majority.
Please drop a line if you have not yet done so..............
A few of us will be in Tallahassee this week and the Representatives are much more receptive when they know we represent a large & vocal organization.

Squeaky wheel........


Post by Guest » Mon Mar 13, 2006 4:48 pm

Latest Update: Monday 3-13-06

Here is an email I would suggest everyone write and here are the email addresses. If we don't show some fight, we may not not get our legislation and $40k goes down the tube, so please act & encourage other to also act.

please distribute as far and wide as possible.


Dear Representative ____________________

I am writing in SUPPORT of HB 733. It will be heard in your committee Wednesday afternoon.

Despite what you have heard, this bill makes all airboats have mufflers. It does not allow cutouts or flexpipe. In addition, it makes all airboats display a safety flag.

The bill says an airboat cannot operate without an automotive style factory muffler. That means that just flex pipe will no longer suffice without the addition of an automotive style muffler. Those who oppose the bill, are not reading the strike-all being offered by Representative Dean. The strike-all defines airboats; defines mufflers; closes a loophole in the current law by being very specific about what types of mufflers are now legal; says airboats can't operate without mufflers and provides fines for those who might try to operate without mufflers.

This bill is supported by airboaters. It brings balanced regulation to airboating.


Thank You

________________________(your name)













Post by Guest » Mon Mar 13, 2006 5:11 pm

What the anti's are posting...........These went to EVERY legislator in the state. We need to politely counter this BS or lose! I hope we have a strong showing on our part.


I am a single, 71-year old female who lives on County Road 247 as indicated on the enclosed map. It is approximately 1 mile from the Withlacoochee in Sumter County.

For the past year, I have been tormented by the airboat sounds emitted from airboats that to my knowledge, are launched into the Withlacoochee from Dean River Ranch, a location that seems to be used by the Withlacoochee Airboat Association for their activities, which include airboat drag races, poker Runs etc. The activities last for many hours- usually 14 or more, nonstop. It is obvious that the majority of the boats do not have any muffling devices. The horrendous sounds are beyond that which any human should have to deal with.

The continuous stopping to change direction engages fast starting blasting that tears my heart out. The high wail of the props after they explode past the sound barrier splits my brain like fin gernails scratching down a chalkboard. Each airboat power loads with sounds that vibrate my total mobile home and has part of it facing that direction splitting. In addition, the owner seems to have a high powered boat that he fast blasts often and obviously power blows the boat unto land or a trailer.

I am told that this has been going on for the past 2 years. I have had this property since 1984 and have heard airboats going up or down the river. I could deal with these OK because they would go away after a short period of time and did not have the high-powered engines of 700 to 1000 hp. I have just retired on the land with hopes of finally having time to live a while before I die. These events are ending my life prematurely.

Finally, after the last torture session on April 5 where 37 airboats entered this property for a poker run that lasted 14 hours nonstop, I was carted away with a blood pressure of 273/213 and a diagnosis of post- traumatic stress�airboats. For the past year, my doctor has been seriously concerned by my periods of crises level blood pressure 160-180. I can’t take blood pressure medication because my blood pressure is normally 115 to 127 and 133 when I am stressed. I am a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen.

I would appreciate any action that you can take to help me in my situation.

Respectfully yours,

Letter #2
Dear Governor, Florida Legislature, Committee Members, Enforcement & Fellow Victims of Airboat Noise,

I have learned of HB 733 and SB 1958 and plead with you to consider the consequences of adopting this legislature on not only my family, residents along the St. Johns River, but also the courteous airboat operators who will suffer from such legislation.

I live on the Volusia County side of the St. Johns River with the opposing side being Seminole County. I have 2 babies, one recently diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy who I am also speaking on behalf. We are literally tortured by the tremendous sound the renegade airboat operators generate at all hours throughout the night. Off & On well into the morning hours my children and I are awoken to the tremendous roar of airboats planning in front of our house from a cutout they made in the St. Johns river. Our efforts to find relief have been minimal as enforcement has few resources and little legislation that they can act on.

I also own a echo tourism business that is suffering because the guests who come here to escape into nature are instead tortured by extreme ear damaging noise pollution all throughout the night on the house boat I rent out. It is a shame that legislation currently is not protecting us from this thoughtless renegade element and currently considering bills that would actually oppose our efforts for relief and peace. It is evident to me that the pleasure of the few should not impede upon the peace of the many, including other boaters who do not emit such debilitating noise. I recently spoke to a neighbor who owns an airboat who offered to put his airboat on a trailer and rev the motor in front of the night time violator’s homes where they sleep to help them understand what they are doing to us. I told him that counter terrorism is not my plight, but instead good legisl! ation t hat gives enforcement the capability to cite violators of peace and order.

Last night, in conversation with Seminole County deputy about the airboat noise problem, he informed me that one night he went out and went to site 6 airboats with not even a decent muffler and was astounded to see that a high percentage of them were local government officials, correction officers, and the like that he couldn’t cite. He did not say this, but I would imagine it would have a negative impact on his job if he were to cite them. This being said, I would like to remind legislature such as Charlie Dean who has sponsored and introduced these bills with a hidden agenda for the renegade airboat operators who inflict pain on others with their night time hobby, that they have a responsibility to the voters to represent them and not their personal hobbies.

Legislation that would be helpful would instead adopt state wide sound ordinances on all vessels requiring well defined standards of technology to lessen the impact of vessel noise, and in this particular case, airboat noise. This would protect the good courteous airboat operators from the damaged reputation that the renegade element is causing for them. Because it is wrong for any vessel or vehicle to awaken residents and children from required sleep, I am confident, that one day good legislation will prevail and that hopefully our children will not even know what it is like to be tortured as we are now, and if so, think back on it as a time where we just had legislation that had not evolved with the times.

I am torn, for I wanted so badly to appear in Tallahassee to meet as many representatives as I could to discuss the torment we face nightly and have them look into my children’s eyes and tell them they will no longer have to endure this misery and torment, but I cannot for I have obligations that prevent me from doing so. I have attached a picture of my daughter and son Kayla so that you will look at them and say NO to HB 733 and SB 1958 and if not, that the Governor will VETO it. Furthermore, I would like them to know that legitimate legislation is on its way to protect them, the good airboat operators, the pleasure boaters, nature enthusiasts, and residents here on the St. Johns and elsewhere throughout the state.

Thank you for all that you do and please contact me by any means below should you need more detail on our urgent situation, and feel free to pass this on to anyone that can help!

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Post by SwampMatt » Mon Mar 13, 2006 5:46 pm

Did a google search on the phrase "Victims of Airboat Noise". TOp of the list of course was the Trudster's absurd site, but also there was a page from the Alachua County Post that listed several naitonal noise control groups.

I found one site and downloaded a PDF brochure that explains their rights to live in a noise free area.

I like peace and quiet as much as the next guy. I'm sure all airboaters do too. But it just does not seem fair that we have to TRAVEL (in our boats and often with highway driving) to escape the sounds of humans. They seem to think that they have MORE RIGHTS than we do. They are HOGGING all the peace and quiet.

Is that right? Are WE really the bad guys here?

Just a thought.

Reading the above posted letters, I got the impression that #1 is nothing more than "buyer's remorse" and #2 is a sad story of a handicapped child, who's parents seem to be mad at the world because of it. There is NO PLACE where that man will be happy... Echo tourism.... echo, echo. LOL I hope the legislators see the same dysfunctional clues in those letters as I have.

I sent additional seperate letters again. I hope this helps. THis time I just cut and pasted the sample letter, but addressed each one individually, and added "Supporter of FAMILY recreational airboating" at the end under my name.


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Post by dblj006 » Mon Mar 13, 2006 6:47 pm

Whoa! Letter number 1 was written by a real pro there.
My mother, who has been around airboats since her
and my father bought their first one in 1963, wouldn't
be able to give you any kind of information like that
about any airboat(powerloading,700-1000 hp,etc.).
I certainly hope our legislature can see through the
mastermind of that piece of garbage. Really well
written and thought out by some tree hugging, Berkeley
educated, lobbyist or whatever...
#2(and it is) same manipulation just trying to show
it from somebody who claims to be an airboater...
Playing on the sympathies of our politicians?
What manipulative B.S.. But that's politics?

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Post by Whitebear » Mon Mar 13, 2006 11:06 pm

It also says to contact them by any means available ! Maybe if 09873450982304598203948 airboaters started calling them they might realize they have to live with us too.

This is typical of the "kind" of BS fed to politicians anyway. Its all over hyped, overstated and sounds like its an emergency. Some folks do however just have a compulsion to be heard, little does it matter what they have to say as long as important people listen.

I'm sending emails from over here from my .mil address. Maybe that will let our civil cerpeants realize the issue goes beyone the borders of FL !

"The Constitution is not so the government can restrain the people, it is so the people can restrain the government." Patrick Henry
The government cannot give anything --
that they have not first taken from someone else.

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