A..holes on air boats

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Re: A..holes on air boats

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Yeah sometimes its too bad people don't wear their users screen name in the swamp with all the social media nowadays....lol :florida: :florida: :florida:

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Re: A..holes on air boats

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Sniper wrote:As A Law Enforcement officer for 29 years I can tell you you got butt heads in every state in the union, certain states just seem to have more than others , my family has been in Palm Beach County since the 1870's and the family's business was started in 1893 so I'm very deep rooted in Fla history and the environment, I have no problem with Yankees or any one else for that matter as long as they don't come to the state wanting to change our way of life or want to impose their rules and regulations on us but if you don't like Southerners or our lifestyle then you probably need to find a different place to live , Airboats are as Iconic as the Alligator and very much a big part of Florida just like the Subway is to new York or the trolley car to San Francisco so don't judge the boat, like every other form of transportation its the operator that makes it good or bad, its the individual you need to deal with not the boat
Well said Sir! :thumbleft:

Dad’s family got here in 1831, and settled in what’s now Hernando County. Mom’s family got to what’s now Manatee County in the 1870’s.
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