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blu by u
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70x40 prop

Post by blu by u » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:47 am

Would a 70x40 narrow blade be too much for a 350 direct drive?

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Re: 70x40 prop

Post by mojoe » Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:03 pm

Maybe, maybe no.

Not all 350DD push the same. That being said, I ran a 72x40 LXL on a 350DD and it was the right wood prop (if there is such a thing).
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Re: 70x40 prop

Post by kwanjangnihm » Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:20 pm

some links on 70x40 woodie info :salute:

https://southernairboat.com/phpBB3/view ... 40#p603144

https://southernairboat.com/phpBB3/view ... 40#p333513

https://southernairboat.com/phpBB3/view ... 40#p465872

https://southernairboat.com/phpBB3/view ... 0x40#p1246
fishon101674 wrote: I want to pick some info. up for 350 sbc dd carb. size. :scratch: Now I have a stock 1992 chevy vortec 350 with alum. intake and a holley 2 barrel carb. and a 70x40 wood prop. My boat is a 11'6" gellio fiber glass hull. Now I've been told that I should have a holley 600 4 barrel carb on it. When I first got it, it spun 2900rpm. Now i spin 2550 to 2600. I'm not to machanically aklined. I dont know if it is carb. related or timing. I've been reading posts on here about timing, carb. size, and prop size, has a lot to do with rmp. but I havent changed anything since I bought it but add a trim tab. I would like to spin 2900 to 3000 but I dont have a lot of money to dish out to do it. Any ideas would be nice. Thanks Billy
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