Looking For Everglades Camp Membership

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Chip Furr
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Looking For Everglades Camp Membership

Post by Chip Furr » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:03 pm

I’m looking for an Everglades Camp Membership. I’m more than willing to pay any membership fees as well as any annual dues. Also willing to help financially and physically with any or all maintenance and repairs for Camp. If anyone has a Camp Membership opening it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Chip Furr at 941-787-4343.

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Re: Looking For Everglades Camp Membership

Post by SWAMPHUNTER45 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:50 am

Not sure if you had seen the one in classifieds but in the past few years it is the only one I recall seeing. There have been camps for sale but in the hundred K plus X range. While not cheap this appears to be what the cost would be to have that elite privilege.

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Re: Looking For Everglades Camp Membership

Post by digginfool » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:01 am

The best value out there is the Broward County Airboat and Halftrack Club. They own the Boars Nest camp in Area 2A. You can have full access to the camp by paying your annual dues (which last time I checked was somewhere around $50.00). The caveat is that you must participate in club events, particularly the annual airboat show as well as work days. You really can't beat that deal. The camp that swamphunter45 showed you is about a 1/2 mile east of the Boars Nest. I've included a link to their website.

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