Stainless or No ?

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Stainless or No ?

Post by HomesteadSlide »

I'm fixing to tear down my 11' Taylor sled, everything is getting redone. Right now I have 3 sheets of stainless on the bottom that come right to the chimes, my boat has a true 180 lycoming and will not run dry. I'm trying to make the choice to take it off and steelflex it or leave the stainless. I've heard so many different opinions but need more. I run 3A mostly, I'm not worried about rocks obviously but the stainless is extra protection. Lets hear it !
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Re: Stainless or No ?

Post by lycomingkid »

IMO I would do away with the stainless and go with steel flex to help lighten up the boat but if you are looking for the extra protection keep the stainless or go with poly
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Re: Stainless or No ?

Post by Gary S »

First of all if your 11 foot boat with a 180 won't run dry something is wrong, that used to be the combination everyone used to run dry. Even with full wrapped stainless it was the boat to have.
That being said it will run the grass better with steel flex, especially the 2000.The down side is it has to be redone every few years.
I picked up a 10 foot Colinger rock boat with a 180 on it a few months ago. It to will have to be totally redone. I have too many projects to start it right now, but it's on the list.

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