350 sbc prop 2 or 3 blade

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Re: 350 sbc prop 2 or 3 blade

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Please understand that your estimation or description of your knowledge about this subject
doesn't change the reality faced by people here who are willing and wanting to help you.
The guys that used to frequent this place that were psychic, all left and started an internet based hotline.
As such, those of us that remain need a minimal amount of information to base an answer on.

Generically, it sounds like you lack the power to turn a third blade.

First thing that needs confirmed is if you are or are not running the same ratio Belt Box this thread was about.
The left and right hand blades (belt or gear) may not be rated for the same RPMs, depending on which blades you really have.
On the other hand, if you are Direct Drive (with a 350) then the third blade is likely not a doable option regardless of blade type.

In any case, the other thing that needs to be identified is which blades it is that we are actually talking about.
Be aware that PowerShift and WaterWalker blades are the same difference in this regard.
Both have the single mark on the blade shank, and is typically placed where the hub halves meet as a starting point.

If you report back with the belt or gear ratio vs DD info, the length of each blade, the length/size of the hub,
and the MAX Width of each blade, we can identify what blades it is that you are asking about. Then we CAN answer your questions.

Short of knowing what you actually have and are trying to use, it is not possible to provide the answer(s) you're after.
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but it is not the path to knowledge; it has no place in the endeavor of science."
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