Alumatech long tube BBC headers

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Alumatech long tube BBC headers

Post by bbboswell »

Anyone running them? They look good and price is attractive but so attractive I’m wondering about quality.

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Re: Alumatech long tube BBC headers

Post by BGREEN427 »

1/4" flanges, the tubes are not mandrel bent, not a real collector. Piece of pipe wrapped around 4 exhaust tubes. Will they work yes but that is why they are cheaper
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Re: Alumatech long tube BBC headers

Post by Packman »

Happy with mine
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Re: Alumatech long tube BBC headers

Post by crazycoonass »

So who makes the best ones?
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Re: Alumatech long tube BBC headers

Post by Gladesman06 »

I can say from experience those headers will work but definitely won't last a very long time. I've already got double the time out of my Norman Clay headers and they still have a lot of life left in them. Yes Norman Clay headers aren't cheap but they are built by far the best on the market for airboats in my opinion.
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Re: Alumatech long tube BBC headers

Post by L&LLandServices »

What’s a set of Norman clay big block headers going for these days ?
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Re: Alumatech long tube BBC headers

Post by Deano »

Number is old, but have no knowledge that it is not sill current.

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Re: Alumatech long tube BBC headers


I have run AlumiTech long tubes on every engine we have ever done. Never had any issue and the fabricator who builds them in the shop is a good dude so slip him a tip if you get pipes you like.

He does every custom set ordered to the length and sweep angle you specify. Costs a few bucks extra but nice to have exactly what you want.

Norm at Innovative is top shelf also he makes real nice pipes. You can’t go wrong in either shop.
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