Caddy 500

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Caddy 500

Post by ChrisH »

What’s the best prop for a 500 caddy DD
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Re: Caddy 500

Post by kwanjangnihm »

Is the caddy 500 stock or high performance?
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Re: Caddy 500

Post by Deano »

To many variables and not enough information given to base an answer on without making a LOT of assumptions.
While you know what situation you are asking about, we do not, which is most likely the reason for your lack of response.

First and foremost, as kwanjangnihm inquired, is the strength of the engine.
There is a radical difference between a stock take out with a 50 year old valve train and one
that has been purpose built with the needed parts to provide the most grunt available at 3000 rpm.

Additionally, the other relevant parameters (in no particular order) would include:
Size/weight of the assembled boat, the expected normal load, the main use/desired intent, and the available budget.

In the case of a typical/average/normal use setup, you will find the general consensus will be either WaterWalker Signature Series or Sensenich Q or NGQ blades (quite possibly not in that order). Either of those options would generally be in a 72" two blade configuration.
I've always been partial to the Signature Series, but admit to not having used used the newest renditions from Sensenich.
If you are looking for something used, any of those is a safe bet if you find a deal on one.
If buying new, you could call Darrin @ Sensenich and seek his advice. He is very knowledgeable and his judgement can be trusted.

The more information you can give us, the better we can help you. It could also benefit you to enter your location in your profile.
There may be someone near you that can help (like maybe try a prop in this case). There can also be a big difference in correct answers to some questions based on your geographic location; Fairbanks vs Okeechobee for example.
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