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melbourne, florida
$ 500.00
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I have a Mini Airboat Engine McCulloch model 4318 72hp
I traded for it from a fellow at the Florida Fly wheelers auction
a few years back and figured it would be a jam up little engine
to stick on a mini airboat. But like some of my projects I haven't
found the time to put them together. I would like to sell it while it is still in good shape. The engines are used widely on experimental
ultra light aircraft and Gyro-copters. EBay and Barnstormers sells
them for around $1300. They may sell for more then that I don't
rightly know I have $500 in it so I would like to get what I have
into it. I don't have the time to mess with packing and shipping. So you will have to come fetch it yourself . Cash is king or gun trades
are fancied. Sorry guy from New York the only time you see
personal checks down here in Fla. are in a museum.
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