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Thursday Night Thunder!!!

pontoon outlaw

Well-known member
Damn Tim you sure put some miles on that Polymer :) I see the Pontoon Camp didn't get a run from the Cleanup boys from the SJWMA... ha ha...years ago they would cut your stuff down and burn it... did you run the Tree line to get to the Pontoon Camp..or is Scotty's open...with that beast,,,,you would make the Trail better for us little guys :)


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So anybody ride last night..was a nice night for it..by any chance anyone ride from Washington ramp.. curious how much water come up..any water in the trail from the river to the oakhead.. kinda doubt it but just wondering


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Well waters up some ,some trails are good while others are still dry and grown over ,but after the rain you can go anywhere thats why I always shoot out after a storm .

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