Redfish Reports

Went the last 2 sat. 2 weeks ago was very slow did hook a big tarpon back at the tree line, that lasted all on 5 seconds lol. Caught a few dinky reds.

This past sat water is still dark as black coffee. We work the bars and points caught a few small snook, 1 29.5" and 1 20' red and a few nice sheephead.
But was slow most of the day. Tide was late going out and it got better 30 after the tide turned. When the wind got behind it was running out like a freight-train, looking like it was going to be lower than expected. Nothing but cats' in the creeks.
Glad to hear someone braved the heat and went, I’m really lookin forward to some cooler weather and negative tides!!!
We made our first trip , spent 4 days on the Coast.. Weather is still crazy warm but we did catch more fish than excepted.The trout were on and off but the Reds were there and hungry,probably caught 20-30 fish each day with quit a few keepers. The wind cut tide short but a great start to the season. Good Luck!
It usually cranks up around mid sept but has been slow. Fished twice in October better each time, weather has been kind of nasty. Found some big trout in a creek or two. caught a few small snook 14-18" and one 24" out on the bars. Redfish are still scattered it seems found a few upper slat fish and a bunch of 14-22"ers. My buddy caught a nice 20" triple tail and decent flounder. Going again Sat and sun we will see.
They’re getting right! We went this morning just riding and checking spots. Trying to get a bead on what was happening. Caught fish at every stop but one. Left them biting most of the time. Only stayed about 15 minutes per stop. Caught around 40 reds, one gator trout and a lady fish. Not one catfish! Had 15 slot fish but no real big ones. If the cool weather will stay around the bigger ones should come on in. We used shrimp, mullet and lady fish. Shrimp seemed to be the best bait today. Fished north today from the ramp almost to Eleven Prong.
I’m with ya. I’m off for two weeks starting a Friday. I plan to be on the coast quite a bit during that time.
Looking forward to next week. My brother is coming in from Virginia on wed next week we are fishing thurs and fri. We did great 2 weeks ago caught 5 trout over 20" and a number of mid slot reds 1 26.5" fish. 1st negative tide I fished was rough on the boat I swear the rocks move from year to year lol.
I believe they grow. Some areas I used to fish are so bad now that I won’t go there. Used to be mud and sand with a few rocks. When it’s to bad for me you can bet it’s bad. There are plenty of other places and I’m finding new ones every time I go. That’s after thirty plus years of fishing in the same area.
I would guess it’s related to weather we have had the lsat couple years just washing the sand away?
BTW if any of ya'll knew Captain Herb Wilkerson he passed away 2 weeks ago. He was a guide in the yankeetown to cedar key area for many years.

There is a Celebration of life at The Gulf Hammock Fish Club on Dec 14.. More information on the facebook gulf hammock fishing club site.
Laid to them yesterday. Same as before, caught fish at every stop. We did catch bigger slot fish and a few over slot. Trout bite as good also. Tried a few places I haven’t been to in awhile. Man the mangroves are growing like they’re being fertilized. Great time with the boys. It was cool all day but the fishing was hot.
Yep we made a run Sat with some family from down South, as you said the fishing has turned on. We haven’t caught many top slot reds yet but we caught a ton of fish,this weather is gettin perfect!!


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Getting close to that time of year again. Looking to get into some good redfishing once gator season ends. Any recent reports? Probably not much with the hot water.
All my crew fish negative tides in the fall,, Waitin on October and some cool weather
I have been searching for productive holes for a couple years now and have yet to find one that consistently holds fish. I seem to catch more fish at creek mouths or oyster bars out in the open. I know there are honey holes that hold fish year round at low tide.

When you are hunting for the low tide holes, how far back are you running before you turn around and call an individual creek a waste of time? I'd love to hear some advice for hunting down some new spots - not looking for GPS numbers but more just looking for techniques or tricks to help find my own. I've tried using Google earth. A lot of the time I find those salts ponds at the end of a creek are just empty with no life in them.

I'm interested to hear some advice. Thanks in advance.
We seem to have the best luck in the deepest spots that have rocky bottom, Seems like the fish are near the gulf at the start of fall and end up further in as it gets colder.
So are you stopping at every major turn in each creek and fishing for 15 minutes before moving on or are you looking for something different?